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Cranes operate best when the rails on to which they run are welded into continuous lengths. There are several welding methods in use throughout the world. The type of welding will be suggested based on the usage, location, equipments and consumables.

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Alumino-Thermic Welding

Experience the superior rail joining technique with Aluminothermic Welding. Enclosing rail ends with a refractory mold, this process creates a robust and seamless connection. The resulting weld boasts remarkable strength, durability, and resistance to wear and fatigue. Trust Gallant Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for expert Aluminothermic Welding services, elevating the longevity and performance of your railway infrastructure.

Arc Welding/ Puddle Arc Welding

Joining crane rails is made easy and reliable with arc welding, a widely used technique worldwide. By carefully aligning and preheating the rail ends, and using specialized arc electrodes, a strong and secure joint is created. At Gallant Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd., our skilled technicians offer expert arc welding services for your crane rails, ensuring precise and durable connections. Trust us for reliable and efficient welding that meets industry standards, enhancing the performance and reliability of your crane rail systems.

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